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Bedensel uygulamalar

In private sessions or group classes, I can teach you the postural practices of yoga. May they be short and brief sessions or long workshops and immersions… If you are not sure where to start, let me know, so that I can create a plan that is best suited for you.

Nefes alma, odaklanma, meditasyon

Learn proper breathing techniques, implement them in concentration practices, and move onto the level of meditation. If you are not very much interested in the postural work, but would rather prefer to focus on the subtle practices of yoga, I can guide you from a very beginner level and help you progress.


Most of us are physically exhausted from sitting down for long hours, and perhaps do not have the time nor energy to exercise after work. You can increase your employees’ efficiency at work by planning a yoga event or weekly yoga sessions for them. The classes I plan ahead help them reduce stress and tension, both physical and mental.

Akademik araştırmalar

Follow the most recent scholarly work of academia, in condensed and systematic teaching. I know that sometimes articles seem too long or too dense to concentrate on. My work focuses on making academic writings more accessible to the general audience. Let us collaborate in teacher training programs or retreats.

Çevrimiçi derslere katılın

You can opt to benefit from my individual, corporate or collective services online.

  • Cost-efficient: No additional commute rate and special discounted price.
  • Time-efficient: No commute equals to easier access!
  • Repeat: Record our classes for your own personal use and repeat them whenever you want!

Benimle iş birliği kurun

Two heads are better than one.

Let us collaborate at events, workshops or teacher training programs. Together we can create the next big yoga event in the city.

Let’s unite in service of all minds curious about yoga!

Kendi pratiğinizi destekleyin

Roots of your practice can be supported by scholarly publishing.

Stay tuned for soon-to-be broadcast online classes on the history of classical yoga and Hatha yoga practices.

“Hard it is to train the mind, which goes where it likes and does what it wants. But a trained mind brings health and happiness. The wise can direct their thoughts, subtle and elusive, wherever they choose: a trained mind brings health and happiness.”

The Dhammapada

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