Individual sessions

Private one-on-one or private group (up to 4 people) yoga sessions:

  • Your choice of location and venue*,
  • Direct learning experience,
  • Sessions designed to suit your needs and preferences.

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* Extra charges may apply. 

“Purification, refinement, surrender. These are the practical steps on the path of yoga.” Yogasūtra 2.1.

Asana (posture) practice

In individually designed sessions, I will guide you through asana sequences varying from restorative and yin to strenuous and yang. Asanas could be practiced for the purposes of health, longevity, and fitness, depending solely on the practitioner. With constant practice, the postures will become effortless and the body will experience physical comfort.

“Posture should be steady and comfortable.” Yogasūtra, II.46

“Such posture should be attained by the relaxation of effort and by absorption in the infinite.” Yogasūtra, II.47

“From this, one is not afflicted by the dualities of the opposites.” Yogasūtra, II.48

Pranayama (breath control) practices

Depending on your needs, I will guide you through certain breathing techniques that will bring your body and mind to a balanced state. Stress and various negative emotions our minds tend to carry disrupt the breathing patterns, and this leads the individuals to suffer from anxiety, depression, restlessness, and other problems.

The Yogasūtra mentions that control over one’s own breathing “unveils” the ultimate knowledge.

“When asana is accomplished, pranayama follows. This consists of the regulation of the incoming and outgoing breaths.” Yogasūtra, II.49

“Pranayama manifests as external, internal, and restrained movements of breath. These are drawn out and subtle in accordance to place, time, and number.” Yogasūtra, II.50

Therapeutical practices

If you are currently involved in an ailment treatment program conducted by a medical professional and are suggested yoga as complementary support, I will prepare yoga sessions (postural, meditational, etc.) according to your doctor’s / physiotherapist’s recommendations that will aid the process.

“The tendency of clinging to life affects even the wise; it is an inherent tendency.” Yogasūtra, II.9

“Asanas are described first because they are the first step of Hatha. They give steadiness, health, and lightness of body.” Haṭhayogapradīpikā, I.17

Dharana (concentration) and dhyana (meditation)

If you wish to be guided through concentration and meditation techniques only, these sessions are for you. Daily life struggles make the mind hasty. Despite carrying divine purposes in their emergence, these ancient techniques are now sophisticated tools to ease the modern mind.

“Concentration is the fixing of the mind in one place.” Yogasūtra, III.1.

“Meditation is the one-pointedness of the mind on one image.” Yogasūtra, III.2.

Practice yoga whenever and wherever

Limited time for the commute?

  • You can choose to have a session with me online – via Skype or any other communication platform.
  • You can prefer to have a session with me at your own gym, personal studio, or home.
  • You can also choose to have a session with me outdoors.

The beauty of private sessions is that they are time-efficient for you.

You decide where and when, and we will make it happen. 

Let us work together!

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