Corporate sessions

Be the kind of boss who values the health of their employees. 

60-minute postural yoga classes once or twice-a-week improve posture, reduce neck and lower back pain, and increase efficiency at work in just a few weeks. The attendees learn the breathing techniques I often implement in the postural classes and use them in their daily lives to find a more balanced mental state.

  • Treat your employees to peaceful and healthy activities.
  • Easy-access learning experience at the workplace.
  • Quick and efficient breathing or yoga sessions of 30-45-60 minutes, to be held in the morning / at noon / in the evening, whenever suits the employees’ schedule.
  • Organize a yoga & meditation weekend for your employees, or integrate yoga & meditation practices into your weekend meetings. You will see the optimum productivity.

See below to read some of the benefits and variety of yoga sessions that could be implemented in your office routines.

To reduce tension and stress

Spending many hours at the desk, focusing at a computer screen, tension and stress is inevitable. Common physical complaints such as neck strain, back pain, shoulder stiffness, tired eyes and headaches, hip immobility, etc. increases discomfort and decreases concentration at workplace.

Treat your employees to an hour of yoga session that focuses on releasing tension and stress by gentle yoga practices that stretches and strengthens the physical body, as well as by basic breathing and meditation techniques that soothes the mind.

To get energized and rejuvenated

Humans are not made for sitting down for hours on end. We need physical activity to increase blood circulation; standing up, walking, stretching, moving, etc. produces energy via oxygenation. Dynamic or static, strenuous or gentle, all yoga practices help produce this energy. Yoga’s effects run deep – the glands, internal organs, deep tissues are worked on by various practices. This way, one will have increased energy and avoid the possibility of burnout.

To concentrate and focus better

“The mind is like a monkey, jumping from one tree branch to another,” is a common saying that depicts the rather uncontrollable human mind. Breathing techniques along with concentration, meditation, and physical yoga practices will decrease the mind’s noise and chatter. You will learn how to watch the behavior of the mind, control the breath, and reset the thinking patterns; and thus experience a higher degree of productivity and performance.

To become a real team with co-workers

Physical and mental practices that yoga sessions provide create a harmonious environment for your workplace. Practicing the techniques of yoga in a group setting, with other co-workers, eliminates the stress that is caused by the workload as well as the hierarchy between employees. Designed to make practitioners feel better about themselves and others, each session will bring down the practitioners’ levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. A yoga class is a shared experience; no matter what the practitioner’s rank is within the company, they all share the same practice and thus similar benefits.

Let us work together!

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