Collective events

The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit root yuj, meaning “to bind, to yoke, to bring together, to tie together“.

Although originally yoga is rather an individualistic practice and goal, modern rendering of yoga has brought many people of various cultures, generations, and belief systems together, within sets of collective practices.

I offer a variety of services for collective needs.

“Your worst enemy is your own self when you are not under control. When you are self-controlled, you like yourself.” Dharma Mittra

Weekly classes

At various locations around Istanbul, I offer group classes within studio schedules.

Classes are held in Turkish, yet I conduct them in both Turkish and English if there are non-Turkish speaking attendees.

Please check out my weekly schedule to see the details.

Retreat programs & immersions

Why not immerse yourself in the practice and history of yoga in a 3-4 day retreat programs? Or even longer!

I offer immersions at peaceful locations where you can withdraw the senses and enjoy the blissful experiences yoga has to offer. These immersions could be solely focused on the practices of yoga, or the history and philosophy of yoga, or a combination of all.

Workshops on history & philosophy

For those who are curious about the history and philosophy of yoga, the recent scholarly work on these areas and how they are related to modern practices, I offer specifically designed workshops for yoga teachers and students. These workshops help the attendees understand the evolution of yoga over centuries.

If you are often left wondering how today’s yoga was shaped and in what ways it is relevant to the classical or medieval yoga, or if you find it complex to track down the philosophical shifts within the historical yoga scene, these workshops are for you.

Workshops on yoga practices

Very often, I organize workshops at different locations. Usually, these workshops are in formats shaped by Dharma Mittra, my beloved teacher, and revolve around Dharma Yoga practices, which are generally classified under Hatha-Raja yoga.

These workshops are not like other workshops – they are 2 or 3-hour intensive practices for all levels of practitioners, allowing each individual to go deeper into their own practice. You will get to experience postures (with many variations for all levels!), breathing, concentration, and meditation techniques, as well as a long, deep relaxation to reset the mind.

Teacher Training Programs

There are many different teacher training programs either by independent schools or by schools under Yoga Alliance registry or other organizations. All training programs must include a certain amount of hours focusing on the history and philosophy of yoga.

For 200-hr or 300-hr programs, we could design the immersions according to the needs of your teacher trainees. I offer collaboration with such programs: a history of yoga and its philosophical route, focusing on certain textual material depending on your school’s lineage and orientation.


The Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider® (YACEP®) designation is rather a recent one. If you are looking for Yoga Alliance approved programs to deepen your knowledge as a yoga student and teacher, I offer such intensive programs as a YACEP® under the category of “Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics (YPLE)”.

Let us work together!

Book me for workshops, training programs, or retreats.

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